Terms & Conditions and Learning Contract

TSS Services Terms and Conditions and Learning Contract

By reserving a place on our course, you enter into a legally binding contract with TSS Services. You accept and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions which cannot be varied under any circumstances.

TSS students confirm and accept the requirements of the terms and conditions and learning contract.

Please be aware your acceptance has immediate cost implications and creates financial commitments to TSS Services.

Please make sure you read these terms and conditions.

Confirmation of your place

1. Once you accept a place on the course, your place will not be confirmed until the first/second week of August and on receipt of an email from TSS services. Payment does not confirm acceptance. Acceptance on the course is subject to criteria (for level 2 if oversubscribed this will be based on level 1 assessment scores).

2. Confirmation by TSS Services by letter or email of a place on a course finalises the contract between you and TSS Services.

Course fees & Concessions

3. The course fees for your reserved place include tuition of the minimum number of classes required by Signature for that level, course materials and learning resources.

4. Additional payments of all attempts of assessments/re-sits will be charged for separately.

5. Course fees for 2015 will be available on our website from June 2015 - visit TSS Services web site - www.signlanguageinlincoln.co.uk Assessment costs are set by Signature and notification of these by TSS services will occur as soon as available.

6. TSS Services will offer any person who is in receipt of Income support / full time education £25 off the full value of the course (this does not include assessments. If the course has already been reduced then this does not apply.

Payment of course fees

Course fees are payable as follows:

7. Late payment may lead to cancellation by TSS Services of your course place.

8. If you are being sponsored, you should make the payment yourself and then claim the amount from your sponsor. Should an agreement be made whereby TSS Services receives payment from the sponsor, fees may vary.

9. Please note that even if someone other than you makes any payment, or agrees to make any payment on your behalf you remain liable for full payment until TSS Services has received cleared funds.


10. Cancellation of the contract occurs on the cancellation of a reserved place on a course commencing in a specified learning year.

11. Requests to defer from a course carry the same course fee.

How to cancel

12. Cancellation must be made via e-mail to signlanguageinlincoln@gmail.com. We will endeavour to acknowledge receipt of all e-mails within 48 hours. We recommend that you keep a copy of our acknowledgement e-mail. If you e-mail and do not receive this acknowledgement please either send the e-mail again or contact us on 07753 229377

Course fee liability on cancellation

13. Your acceptance has immediate cost implications and creates financial commitments from which TSS Services must meet its commitments including administration charges.

14. If TSS Services cancels the contract for one of the reasons described below, or if you cancel the contract, the extent of your payment liability for the course fees will vary depending on when cancellation occurs.

15. Please see below for the deadline dates and corresponding fee liability applicable to your particular course.

Cancellation deadlines and corresponding course fee liability

16. One week before the course has started, a full refund minus £40 admin fee.

17. Course has started and up to the third session - 50% refund, and £25 admin fee. This does not apply on courses that are at a reduced rate. If the course is a reduced rate then monies are non refundable

18. After third Session has started no refund will be given.
Note: third session refers to the third class in the first block, (Course week 3).

19. If TSS Services is unable to run the course or cancels your place for any reason other than those listed below, it will refund in full or part a percentage based on the remaining classes that need to be carried out as appropriate.

20. In the event of bad weather, TSS Services will endeavour to catch up on what is missed whether that is at a different venue on the same or different date, or extending existing classes, this may mean that the duration of the course may be extended.

Should the tutors become sick or the availability of the training venue ceases TSS Services will do whatever possible to replace tutors and venue. Should this not be possible then the cancellation policy will apply.

21. In the event of student sickness please telephone 07753 229377 or email TSS Services as soon as practicable on signlanguageinlincoln@gmail.com. In such events it will be the studentís responsibility to liaise with the tutors or other fellow students and catch up on the missed lesson. If the student continues to be off sick or misses more than three sessions per one block, TSS Services may request that the course be completed again at a cost to the student.


22. Requests to defer part or full course carry the same course fee liability consequences as cancellation as they all involve the cancellation of a reserved place on a specified course.

23. A request to defer is an application to cancel a reserved course place and reserve a new place on the next course, returning at the start of the course.

24. It is not possible to defer your course place after the start of Course Week 3.

25. Only deferral requests made before the start of Course Week 3 will be considered.

26. Deferral requests must be made via e-mail to signlanguageinlincoln@gmail.com

27. TSS Services will confirm via e-mail whether or not your deferral request has been approved.

28. You will be liable for an admin fee of £40 which will be held over and applied towards the next yearís course fees. These are not refundable.

Aptitude, Skills and Student requirements

29. You will need the ability, with appropriate guidance and supervision, to work in an independent manner and in groups.

30. You will need the ability, with appropriate guidance and supervision, to work in a disciplined and organised manner and meet regular deadlines and be fully committed to the course.

31. If tutors feel that you are not ready for an assessment you will be advised accordingly, then at the tutors discretion you maybe given extra time. This may incur extra costs.

32. 80% attendance is a requirement on all courses with TSS Services.

33. You will use TSS materials, and participate in workshops and class discussion.

34. There is a requirement for students to study out of class and immerse themselves in deaf culture, to arrange to meet Deaf people and where possible to take part in appropriate events. This will ensure that the teaching is enhanced and the student receives the most benefit from the learning.

General Terms

35. All material supplied by TSS Services in training is wholly copyright to TSS Services and may not be used for any other purpose.

36. These terms and conditions (including any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions) are governed by English law and are subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts.

37. These terms and conditions constitute the entire financial agreement between you and TSS Services and you confirm that in accepting your place you have not relied on, and shall have no right or remedy in respect of, any statement, representation, assurance or warranty (whether made negligently or innocently) other than as expressly set out in these terms.

38. I agree to comply with TSS Service's Health and Safety requirements and that the Service reserves the right to remove the student from the course without refund if they fail to comply (please see below for Health and safety requirements).

Health and Safety

39. It is the duty of all students to act responsibly, and to do everything they can to prevent injury to themselves and fellow Students.

40. Students should ensure that all bags, coats, and other pieces of clothing and students materials are not left in a position on the floor where they will cause an unnecessary obstruction or trip hazard.

41. If any furniture or equipment in the premises is unsafe then it must not be used and reported to the trainers.

42. Any medical conditions which may affect the student or fellow students or the trainer must be notified to TSS services before the course starts.

43. Electrical equipment, other than that provided by the trainers, must not be used by students.

44. Any accidents that occur whilst in class must be notified to the trainers who will record it.

45. If a student is too hot or cold or has difficulty due to the provision of lighting they will inform the trainer who will make the necessary arrangements. Students must not tamper with any lighting, heating, controls or open windows or move blinds without such confirmation.

46. Furniture should not be climbed on at any time.

47. There is to be no smoking or eating in class. Smoking is only to be done in designated places at break times.

48. Hot drinks should be placed on suitable furniture off the floor.

49. Mobile phones will be turned off whilst in the classroom.